Einen Hilfseinsatz leisten
Einen Hilfseinsatz leisten
Einen Hilfseinsatz leisten

Work on an assignment abroad

The Salvation Army’s International Development Office facilitates short-term volunteer work and the deployment of experts in our partner countries.

Go for Exchange!

Specialist and volunteer assignments

The Salvation Army’s International Development Office facilitates short-term volunteer work and the deployment of experts in our partner countries. This kind of international cooperation is known as “personal development collaboration” and aims to place the focus on productive encounters between people from different cultures, rather than on money or technology.


An exchange of skills and trust

With an exchange of knowledge such as this, the risk of dependency on the donor country is especially low. This is because Go for Exchange puts the focus on personal and professional exchanges. Work of this kind also helps the Salvation Army build a mutual and lasting relationship of trust with the local Salvation Army and its other partners.

Important experiences for us and you

The people who work for us in our partner countries are ambassadors for an open, committed and humanitarian Switzerland. They also share their experience and knowledge, helping to improve our projects and programmes on an ongoing basis and drawing attention to potential problems.

Our partner countries and options for working abroad

We offer the opportunity to work in the following countries, depending on the security situation:

  • South America & the Caribbean: Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti
  • Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo (RC)
  • Asia: Myanmar and the Philippines
Die Geschichte von Fiona Wagner

“I was impressed by how the children dealt with their situation”

“My name is Fiona Wagner, I’m 26 and I live in Zurich. In the city, you often get the feeling that constant consumerism is a necessity. But do we really need all those things? What is it like for people living in poverty in other countries? What could I do to help disadvantaged people? I applied to volunteer abroad for the Salvation Army to find answers to these questions. I wanted to do something that was focused on helping other people rather than myself.

I volunteered for three weeks at two children’s homes in the Philippines. I was deeply moved by the tragic stories of the young residents of the homes. I was also impressed by how positively the majority of children dealt with their situation.

The work motivated me to look for other opportunities and areas I could get involved in socially.”


Die Geschichte von Mathias Rudolf

The most meaningful holiday I’ve ever taken

“My name is Mathias Rudolf. I live in Ostermundigen and I’m a software developer. Social justice is very important to me. Because the Salvation Army is active around the world, I looked into the options for doing some work abroad. In the end, I worked at the Joyville Children’s Home in the Philippines.

My motivation for doing this was to use my abilities to serve God and my fellow man and to make a small contribution to increasing social justice in doing so.

Carrying out this kind of work is something I would definitely recommend. It is the most meaningful way I have ever used my holidays. My time in the Philippines was a blessing and a gift greater than I could ever have imagined. I was deeply moved by the appreciation and thankfulness of the children and team. Work commitments like this are also an ideal opportunity to acquire your first experience in the field of international development.”